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Thinking of showing your dog? Here are some great training tips and ideas for YOU to be successful!


It is impossible for your dog to learn and perform a skill or exercise correctly if you do not have his complete attention. You should insist that your dog pay 100% attention to you. At the same time, you should give your dog 100% of your attention! Once you begin a training session, be aware … Continue reading »

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Mental Toughness training

If you’re a committed, dedicated trainer, then you work too hard and sacrifice too much to let your own competitive performance be disrupted by mental errors. The mental toughness techniques in sports psychology are just what you need to get your performance or team back on the fast track! To realize your full potential, you … Continue reading »

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Successful SHOWING???

Your approach to dog training has a big impact on the actual show results that you will get. As long as you have the right mindset about training, you can be sure that your dog will become a confident partner. Here are a few tips that will help you and your dog become a great … Continue reading »

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Practice Stays!

or PRACTICE THOSE BORING, BUT NECESSARY STATIC EXERCISES! There are two types of dogs. Those that have had stay problems and those that will!  This applies to start-line stays as well as obedience and rally stays. STAYS can be in a line with other dogs, in a position with the dog by himself such as … Continue reading »

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Many people expect their dog to learn with training, understandable. However, to really get the behaviors that you are expecting from your dog, you have to know what and how to motivate your dog. There are many types of motivators. Do you really know what motivates your dog? You have probably already thought of food … Continue reading »

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Wean Off LURES!

 – Or shift responsibility to your dog! Once your dog understands what you expect, extra help (verbal reminders, leg pats and leash cues) should no longer be used and food taken away as a lure. In the final stages of training, treat incentives become a reward for correct responses. As the dog becomes more proficient, … Continue reading »

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Train in New Locations

MAKE UNFAMILIAR LOCATIONS FAMILIAR! Since a “show” is a new location for your dog, make sure to train in new places on a regular basis. Even if you train at the show location, the atmosphere becomes different with new dogs and the added emotional “high” that goes along with shows. A new environment adds an … Continue reading »

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Think before sending in the Entry!

Resist the temptation or pressure to enter your dog before he is truly ready. Entering a show with the hope your dog will perfect an exercise in a given amount of time may only result in frustration and disappointment. Set your goals and decide what level of performance you expect from your dog. Stick to … Continue reading »

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Stress and Showing

How many times have we seen a wonderful warmup only to see the team fall apart once they enter the ring?   Have you ever asked yourself why?   Was your answer the dog wasn’t ready or the distractions were to much?   Did you consider that it actually might be the handler affecting the … Continue reading »

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Do you want to be successful when showing? ….ESTABLISH GOALS!

One of the first items on your agenda will be to set goals for you and your dog. The old adage, “there are only so many hours in a day” holds true when you are making short and long term goals. You will have to decide exactly how much time and effort you are willing … Continue reading »

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