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So you are interested in Online classes?

Do you find that group Classes don’t fit your schedule?

Do you hate to drive at night?

Are you finding it hard to find a good trainer?

Then Online Classes are for you!

Please register for a free account or login with your existing account before you purchase an À la carte article or video.


Here are the TOP TEN REASONS why online classes would benefit you and your dog.

How Online Classroom Works (and why you want to sign up) There are several different classes available in the online classroom. Classes are held for a specific number of weeks. Reading the class description will tell you how many weeks that class runs for and who the lead instructor will be. Classes may be extended if necessary, depending on our travel/competition schedule, and the needs of the class. We will be available to answer questions on a regular bases during the session and will do our best to notify the class if we will be “out of pocket” for any amount of time. “i.e. at a show and don’t have access to internet for 2-3 days etc …”  Most classes offer either worker or auditor spots. Workers enrolled have the ability to upload videos for critique. Auditors can participate in discussion, but will not be allowed to post videos. Discussion topics posted by workers will receive preferential responses.  All classes should be considered as moderated; this is a learning environment, so respect for fellow students is essential, and any behavior that disturbs the learning environment may result in a student’s discontinuation in the class with no refund. I reserve the right to disallow a student from joining a class for any reason.

Click on the Class links below to find out more;


Click here to register for the ABC’s of Agility class!

A great agility team is built upon a solid foundation of basic skills. Using positive training techniques and sound methods, we take time to build these important skills.


Click here to register for the Games2Focus Class!

This class will teach you and your dog how to build and maintain focus and attention regardless of the situation or the show environment. Using various positive techniques, your will learn how to build your dog’s confidence, desire to train and work for you This course will help you and your dog become a successful happy team regardless of your dog sport (Obedience, Agility, Rally, NoseWork, etc.)


Click here to register for the Heeling 101

  • Do you want to polish your heeling?
  • Attention to die for?
  • Starting to train a new dog?


Click here to register for the Run with the BIG Dogs!

This class is for handlers. Learn how to stay physically, mentally and visually fit. It will help you become the handler and teammate your dog needs whether you do Obedience, Rally or Agility.  Come and have fun!

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