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Games2Focus Class

Regardless your dog sport, this class is for you!


  • Is your dog losing focus in the show ring?

  • Are you tired of your dog not paying attention to you?

  • Do you say “my dog never does this during training”?

This class will teach you and your dog how to build and maintain focus and attention regardless of the situation or the show environment. Using various positive techniques, your will learn how to build your dog’s confidence, desire to train and work for you This course will help you and your dog become a successful happy team regardless of your dog sport (Obedience, Agility, Rally, NoseWork, etc.)

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You and your dog will be taught the games needed to build focus, desire, confidence, and other foundations needed to create a successful happy team.

Membership –Introductory price $99 – which includes

  • Feed back on all question and videos posted
  • 6 weeks of class
  • Ever week has detailed instructions and videos
  • Bonus games
  • 6 months access to the class content.

Each week we will cover –

  • Games to create a dog that LOVES to work and train
  • Techniques to build Focus, Confidence, and Desire
  • Teach your dog to turn on training and open the opportunity for reward
  • Transitions to use while training and showing to keep your dog motivated and focused on you
  • Heeling games that reward your dog for maintaining and keeping his focus on you and what to do if your dog makes a mistake
  • Ready, set, go games that increases your dog’s focus and drive on you while leaving your dog
  • Skills like One-way focus that are needed when showing your dog
  • Ways to transfer to your dog the responsibility of maintaining focus on you
  • And yes teaching your dog to play and wanting to train


Class is closed.

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