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Challenge ~ It Takes 2

Posted by on September 26, 2014

To make a team!

1845544At the start of each year we all sit and think about goals we would like to accomplish. How much time do you take to make goals? Do you think about how to improve your end of the team? This weeks challenge is all about YOU!

In today’s computer age, there are literally hundreds or even thousands of way to self-improvement. It is never to late to start considering the ways you can help your dog and enhance your ability to improve your side of the partnership. Many aspects need to be considered. Some examples include, Mental toughness training. This is a way for you to learn to stay focused and confident. Improving Memory helps you to remember cues and footwork. Balance enables you to stay sure footed.

In an effort to help ease the search for self-improvement, OnLine Dogwood is pleased to offer a class that will help you take that first step into making necessary improvements to becoming a better handler regardless the venues you and your dog participate in.

Run with the BIG DOGS! Addresses ways to improve the following:

Vision exercises
Mental toughness
Agility drills

Each week a new information on each of the improves and Assignments associated with each. You can pick one, two or all the topics. A forum is available to post comments, ask questions and chat with others.

Get started on your goals with Run with the BIG DOGS!

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