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Mental Toughness training

Posted by on June 25, 2014

If you’re a committed, dedicated trainer, then you work too hard and sacrifice too much to let your own competitive performance be disrupted by mental errors. The mental toughness techniques in sports psychology are just what you need to get your performance or team back on the fast track!

To realize your full potential, you have to start training your mind as well as your body! Just as you develop physical skills and techniques, you must learn to develop these sports psychology mental skills.

What are these mental skills?

•Staying relaxed under pressure.
•Focusing on what’s important and letting go of what you can’t control.
•Rebounding from mistakes, bad breaks and failures.
•Handling negative thinking.
•Using mental rehearsal for upcoming shows.
•Motivating yourself by setting personal short and log term goals.
•Recognizing mental traps and avoiding them.
•Developing self-confidence and a positive, go-for-it attitude.

Do you want to learn more about mental toughness training?

Check out our class page Run with the BIG Dogs   (price for members $5.95)

It is an 8 week class (you get 3 months access) that addresses mental toughness as well as balance, handler agility, visual skills and nutrient.

You work hard with your dog to achieve success, now is the time to work on your mental toughness!!!

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