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New Year’s resolution

Posted by on December 26, 2014

New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year.  It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.  It is time to make those GOALS!!!!

This New Year let’s let our dog’s make the resolutions/goals for 2015.


Here is the Quigley Clan, youngest to oldest.

Riker, 2 year old
Run faster, jump higher and play more ball

Slyder, 6 years old
Getting on lap, staying in lap and being petted 24/7

Rip, 10 year old
Becoming the ONLY dog in the house.

We would LOVE to know YOUR dog’s goals for 2015!

5 Responses to New Year’s resolution

  1. Cathy

    1. move to a sheep farm and herd sheep EVERY DAY
    2. run in the field every day
    3. fetch the tennis ball more often
    4. send Bella back to Canada
    5. send mom to a fitness “spa” retreat for a couple months so she can keep up with me

    1. play with Mariah
    2. play with Lark
    3. play with Secret
    5. dig as many holes as possible in the yard
    4. RUN in the field with Mariah while holding my leash
    5. eat beef, chicken, pork and every other kind of animal for every meal and also snacks
    6. sleep on the bed with mom again
    7. pull the stuffing out of all the “good” toys and some of the things that aren’t actually toys
    8. kill all squeakers in above toys and chew them like gum for hours on end before leaving them on the carpet
    9. chew more stairs – they’re delicious AND low cal!
    10. never take another shower in the bathtub ever again
    11. watch Flashdance

  2. Marina Davydova

    Lucy is determined to play soccer and volleyball all days in 2015. When human (week link in my family, compare to Lucy) are tired, she would chase a squirrel and/or go swimming. Her resolution is to train and attend world cap in 2016 as first soccer dog 🙂

  3. Heather Borron

    Hope – to loss enough weight to show in conformation.
    Chance – sleep, eat, and sleep some more.
    RahRah – to finally catch that orange cat before it gets under the bed. Not sure what then…grrr
    Sachet – to embark on obedience training and to be like my mom Spice.

  4. gretchen-jones

    2-e’s resolutions

    1. send my brother, 1-e, back to Illinois
    2. play ball
    3. play frisbee
    4. play ball
    5. play frisbee

    1-e’s resolutions

    1. do everything better and faster than 2-e
    2. take the ball/toy/frisbee/everything away from 2-e
    3. roll in the mud and wet grass

  5. Andrea

    Posh – pet,pet,pet,play,play,play,repeat…..
    Ace – Frisbee,agility,frisbee,agility,,,repeat as necessary

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