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Rally Sign #104

Posted by on February 25, 2016
sign 35

Description: Turn Right One Step – Call to Heel – HALT.

With the dog sitting in heel position, the handler commands the dog to wait or stay. The handler then turns to the right, takes one step in that direction, and halts. The dog is called to heel position and sits in heel position in the new location before moving forward to the next station. (Stationary exercise)

How to perform the sign ~

Heel toward the sign and begin the exercise directly in front of it:

Step 1 – Halt (#1) facing the sign, your dog should sit in heel position

Step 2 – Cue your dog to Wait or Stay in the sit

Step 3 – Take one step to the right, and halt (#2)

Step 4 – Call your dog to heel position. Your dog will get up and sit beside you in heel position

Step 5 – Finish by heeling forward toward the next station

*Note – This exercise has two halts for the handler and two halt/sits for the dog.

Skills needed to perform this sign:

  • Dog’s awareness of general heel position (Dog can find heel position)
  • Sit (preferably a tuck sit)
  • Wait/Stay
  • Handler footwork skills




1) What is the proper footwork for this sign?

There are 2 ways to handle the right turn – made by the handler

  • Cross your left foot in front and past your right foot. Close up with your right foot.
  • Turn and step to the right on your right foot. Close with your left foot

2) When do you do the sign? This is a change of direction sign. It should be preformed directly in front of the sign. After you finish the skill, the sign will be slightly behind you off of your left. Be sure to leave enough room between you and the sign so that your dog can get off his sit and come to heel position.

3) What do judges look for when a team is performing this sign? The principal part of this sign are underlined in the rule book. They are that the Handler halts and dog sits, the dog stays, the handler then turns to the right and takes one step in that direction, and when directed the dog moves to heel position and sits.

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