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Weekly Challenge 10/17/2014 – Line-Ups

Posted by on October 17, 2014
lineups weekly challenge

Set up – This week’s challenge is perfecting Line-Ups! Regardless of the venue, Line-ups get you into the ring and set the “tone” of your performance. Set up a cone or “marker” to designate where you will be lining up.

Purpose – This drill teaches your dog to go into a ring and line-up for the first exercise or skill or lining up in a different place for another exercise or skill. If properly done, this setup can build your dog’s enthusiasm for lining up and teach him to be on his toes and ready to work!

Tips on success

  • Start easy. Approach your marker straight on and have your dog sit in front of the marker.
  • Reinforce your dog for attention and effort. Take time to build desire and enthusiasm from your dog.
  • As your dog gains an understanding of the game, continue to practice your line-ups approaching the marker from different angles or directions. Even have your dog sit right next to the marker.
  • Use different transitions to go to your line-up location.
  • Add a variety of releases and rewards. Keep your sessions fun by adding loads of games!

Reward your dog – Anytime your dog performs the line-up to your criteria, reward him. Think about building your dog’s desire and drive.  Remember that this skill will set the tone to your performance in the ring!

Different levels of testing – After you have successfully completed a number of easy line-ups, “bump it up” a notch by adding different objects, different approaches and angles, and or people/dog teams. As your dog gains confidence, add more variables and make line-ups more challenging. Always reward your dog for a job well done.

Goal – to build your dog’s confidence and ability to walk into the ring and line-up confidently, ready to work.

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