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Weekly Challenge 11/14/2014 ~ Rally Flash!

Posted by on November 14, 2014
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Set up – This week’s challenge is Rally Flash Cards.

A person in a chair holds the rally signs.  A cone is placed in front of the person in the chair.  As a handler dog team come between baby gates, the person in the chair holds a Rally sign up for the team to do.

Purpose – This drill teaches sign recognition.  In addition, it gives the handler dog team the atmosphere that the team will experience while in a ring.

Tips on success

  • Start with the Novice Rally signs.
  • Add a ring entrance (baby gates) if the working teams have attention and focus.
  • The better the teams get, the faster the signs are flashed.  This helps with instant sign recognition.
  • Remind your dog how to be successful if he is having difficulty focusing on you.
  • Remember to reward for your dog for success and focusing on you.
  • Add a variety of releases and rewards. Keep the repetitions fun by adding games during or after completion of the sign!

Reward your dog – Anytime for your dog’s effort and attention.  Periodically use games or a reward while doing a sign.  Keep your dog energized.

Different levels of testing – After you have successfully practiced the novice Rally signs, “bump it up” a notch by adding more advance signs or add an addition person flashing the signs.  As your dog gains confidence, add more variables and make the situation more challenging by adding more sign people or distractions. Always reward your dog for a job well done.

Goal – to increase your ability to recognize Rally signs quickly and understand how to perform each sign.  Also, this is a great drill to test your dog’s ability to be attentive while you are busy reading the signs.


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