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Weekly Challenge 11/7/2014 – Rear Cross drill

Posted by on November 7, 2014
weekly challenge 11 7 2014 (2).Movie_Snapshot

Set up – This week’s challenge is practicing and proofing your Rear Cross (RC) cues.  You will need 5 jumps and 2 tunnels set up like the first (Diagram A).

Alternate set-ups: use 4 jumps and 1 tunnel and then reverse the tunnel and a jump to practice the mirror image as in diagram B.  Or use a jump to replace the entrance of the tunnel as in diagram C.

RC proofing challenge RC proofing challenge set up a RC proofing challenge set up c

Purpose – This drill teaches your dog the differences in RC cues. In this drill use a Soft RC cue, indicating a gradual turn, a Hard RC, indicating an abrupt turn, or your cues you have established with your dog to differentiate the two different turns.

RC proofing challenge hard RC proofing challenge soft

Tips on success

  • Simplify by removing the first jump or lowering the jump heights. Think first about building your dog’s confidence, then raising the jumps!
  • Practice the set up doing all soft or all hard RC.
  • Make sure your cues for each type of turn (soft or hard) are different.
  • Once your dog is confident with each RC, start training each alternatively. Run one hard RC and then one soft RC, etc.
  • Video tape yourself to make sure that your handling cues look different to your dog and that your cues are consistent.
  • Remember to reward your dog for correct responses.
  • Keep your sessions fun by adding loads of games!

Reward your dog – Anytime your dog gives you effort, reward him. Keeping your training sessions short.

Goal – to build your dog’s confidence and ability to read and perform different angles of RC’s successfully and with confidence and speed.


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