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Weekly Challenge ~ Gloves 9/5/2014

Posted by on September 5, 2014
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Set up – This week’s challenge is what i refer to as the Torture Circle of gloves. It is important to add variable degrees of difficulty and NOT train only the “exercise”.

Purpose – This drill teaches your dog how to look at and retrieve the marked object.

Tips on success – the key to success is adding challenges as your dog gains confidence.

  • Start easy. Set out 4 gloves at 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions (as on a clock).  Position you and your dog in the center and about 6-10 feet away from each glove.
  • During this drill, NEVER let your dog retrieve the object unless it is the marked object and your dog is looking at it.
  • Increase the distance and or number of objects (gloves, toys, DB etc.) as your dog gains an understanding of the game. Eventually place an object at each hour of the clock.
  • Keep your sessions fun by adding games between successful repetitions.
  • Remember to train in NEW LOCATIONS.

Reward your dog – Anytime your dog performs a marked retrieve successfully, reward your dog by releasing him to a toy/treats. Resist the temptation to only reward AFTER the exercise is completed. DON’T worry about fronts in the early stages of this challenge.  Think about building desire and drive!

Different levels of testing – After you have successfully completed an easy scenario such as retrieving close up, “bump it up” a notch by adding different objects, more glove or more distance.  As your dog gains confidence, add more variables and make the training more difficult. Always reward your dog for a job well done.

Goal – to build your dog’s confidence and understanding of your mark and retrieve.  Remember: mix things up by adding different retrieve objects and make it fun yet challenging!

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