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Weekly Challenge – Making DIY Jumps

Posted by on December 31, 2014

This years DIY project was to build new jumps.

I had seen Daisy Peel’s DIY post on making jumps.  The post comes in 3 parts and is full of great information.

See her post here –

A few friends and I got together to make a total of 12 jumps. We did make a few modifications on Daisy’s cool design.

We used colored PVC pipe.  There are loads of places on the internet to find different colors etc.  We used colored pipe with white fittings.  The fittings can be expensive and white was more cost effective.

We used the fabric that Daisy recommended OnLine Fabric Store. They have many colors to choose from but before ordering decide if you want a pattern or solid on your jump. We made a form to trace and cut out the fabric.  We did not double or do anything special with the edges.

We opted to put stars on the fabric.  We ordered the solid white the first time.  Placed star cut-outs on the white fabric and then spray painted the fabric the color we wanted (use paint for plastic).

jumps stars

While we loved the way they turned out, we used a lot of spray paint.

Next, we made a star stencil.  We placed the same stars we had used before on a piece of cardboard that was cut out in the same shape and size of the fabric inlay.


Then we placed all on foam board.  The fabric with the stencil covering all the fabric.  Strategically placed thumbtacks tacked all down and prevented the spray paint from getting on fabric we didn’t want painted.  We used 2 lightly applied coats of white spray paint.  Once one side was done and dry, we flipped over the fabric and stencil and repeated.  Here is how the fabric turned out after painting.


We finished the jumps as in Daisy’s posts with grommets, zip ties, and jump cup strips.


Lastly, we poured sand into the tallest upright to help give the jump a bit of weight.  Our jumps are outside and nice for them to be able to stand up in wind and weather.

Hope you give it a try if you need jumps.  Please let me know if you come up with new modifications!

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