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Weekly Challenge ~ Off leash 8/2/2014

Posted by on August 2, 2014
weekly challenge 8 2 2014 (2).Movie_Snapshot

Set up – This week’s challenge is Off-leash Heeling, Figure 8. Working with distractions and proofing is the last piece of training before you go to a show with your dog.

Purpose – This drill teaches your dog to remain focused on you regardless of the distraction.

Tips on success

  • Start your proofing with easy distractions.
  • Place or toss or a toy on the ground as a distraction. Release your dog to the toy only after successfully heeling around the toy.
  • Progress to adding more distractions as your dog gains confidence. Examples might be placing more toys on the ground or stuffed animals on the chairs that make up the Figure 8.
  • Since you are working off-leash, you need to have a consequence if your dog falters with his heeling criteria.
  • Remember to train in NEW LOCATIONS.
  • Add games to keep training fun and interesting!

Reward your dog – After successfully completing the Figure 8, reward your dog by releasing him to a toy/treats either in your hand or off the floor.

Different levels of testing – After you have successfully completed an easy scenario, “bump it up” a notch by increasing the difficulty of the distraction.  As your dog gains confidence, add more distractions and difficult training.  After each successful step, reward your dog with treats and/or play.

Goal – to build your dog’s confidence while heeling regardless of the distration.

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