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Weekly Challenge ~ ROH 8/29/2014

Posted by on August 29, 2014
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Set up – This week’s challenge is Retrieve over the High Jump (ROH). It is important to add variables and NOT train only the exercise.

Purpose – This drill teaches your dog how to listen to your commands and not to assume a command based on the set up, circumstance or environment.

Tips on success – the key to success is adding things such as out of ordinary commands or tricks during the exercise.

  • After throwing your dumbbell (DB), ask your dog to pivot, down or do a trick such as a spin or twirl.
  • During this drill, NEVER let your dog retrieve the DB UNLESS your dog is thinking and paying attention to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to really test your dog’s ability to listen to your commands.
  • Keep your sessions fun by adding games throughout your training.
  • Remember to train in NEW LOCATIONS.

Reward your dog – Anytime your dog performs a skill or set of skills successfully, reward your dog by releasing him to a toy/treats. Resist the temptation to only reward AFTER the exercise is completed. In order to maintain all the skills in an exercise, all the skills need to be rewarded on a random basis!

Different levels of testing – After you have successfully completed an easy scenario such as adding a pivot before you send your dog to the DB, “bump it up” a notch.  Increase the difficulty of the skills or tricks you ask your dog to perform BEFORE sending him to the DB. As your dog gains confidence, add more variables and make the training more difficult. Always reward your dog for a job well done.

Goal – to build your dog’s confidence and understanding of your commands while doing retrieve over the high jump.  Remember: mix things up and make it fun yet challenging!

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