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What’s a training plan, and how do I make one?

Posted by on January 3, 2014

Before you start training a skill, you need to make a training plan.

The key to successful dog training is in the planning. The following is a step by step method to aid you in developing a training plan for a skill you would like to train or one you are currently training yet hitting a wall of problems. Take your time to think through and analyze each step. Concentrate on one skill at first. Get use to organizing and planning. As you go through this program with each skill you want to teach your dog, you will find planning a training program will become easier.

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goal2The first step is to describe the skill, and set your criteria. The more detailed, the better your results. What will the finished skill look like?

The second step is to evaluate where you currently are. If this is a brand new skill, you are starting from the first step. If this is a skill you have been working on, evaluate the skill. Keeping records will tell you what your dog is doing reliably and what still needs improving.

The final step is to make a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. Start with the skill. Break it into responses, and shape it to the perfection you are looking to achieve.

As you train, keep your training plans handy for tracking your progress. Periodically review your training plan, and revise the definition of the final behavior, if necessary. Don’t stop working on the skill until your dog performs the skill to match your criteria in step one.

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