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Why Teach Tricks?

Posted by on January 8, 2014

trick dogTrick training does provide many benefits – to you and your dog:

1.     In the process of learning new tricks you establish a way to learn to communicate with your dog. 

2.     Trick training helps to build confident dogs and teaches your dog to experiment and offer behavior  – which is important.

3.     Tricks are a great way for your dog to stay flexible and warm-up before showing.

4.     Trick training is a wonderful way to energize, build attention and focus on your dog.

5.     Tricks can be used to replace bad behavior. For example, if your dog is barking at the door, you could ask your dog to do the trick “get on your bed”  to redirect his behavior.

Trick training is important and useful for many reasons.  Always keep in mind that every skill or exercise you teach to your dog is nothing more than a trick. Teaching your dog to remain next to your side, heeling.  Learning to bring something to you, retrieves.  Getting on and remaining in position, a stay or 2o2o behavior for contacts.  Offering behaviors becomes drive, attention and focus.

So go out and have fun and train a trick TODAY!

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