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Behavior Tips

Is your dog always a little angel? or do horns sometimes hold up the halo?? Tips and tricks for every day life with your dog. Things we all need to know! Free Dog Training Tips for competition obedience, rally and agility exhibitors.
We have affordable online classes and specialty sections for individual skills training.


The variety of treats available to help train your dog is wide and varied. In addition, what one dog may love, another dog may dislike. Any food that your dog is fond of is useful as a reward and motivates in training. These training goodies can be anything from jerky treats to salmon bites or … Continue reading »

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Make Training a Success

Part of successful training involves understanding your dog and what motivates him.  Just as the dog is learning from you, you are also learning from him. What makes him tick, what turns him on? What does he find valuable? Toys, food, running and barking, watching or chasing squirrels?   Whether you’re training your dog for … Continue reading »

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Check Approach to Training

Yes, there are different schools of thought on dog training.  This depends also on what the dog is being trained for.   Trainers can use a method of positive reinforcement in order to train the dog. This method means that the dog is rewarded for achieving the behavior that you want – through doggy treats, … Continue reading »

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Five Quick Dog Training Tips

Training your dog can be very rewarding yet still an incredibly frustrating experience. It is especially difficult if you have no past experience in dog training. If you are having trouble in your quest to have a well-trained dog, this article will give you five tips to help you train your pet. 1. Begin training your dog as … Continue reading »

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