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Give your dog a JOB!

Posted by on January 29, 2015

workdogDogs were meant to “work for a living.” Throughout history dogs have held a variety of jobs. Many of these jobs were breed or type specific. For example, herding dogs often helped farmers move livestock and kept the stock safe while the farmers ate or rested. Other breeds keep their owner’s premises free of pesky vermin, still other dogs were used specifically for guarding their owner’s home and possessions. More recently, some dogs even serve as the “eyes” or “ears” for their sight or hearing impaired owners. Still other dogs served by their owner’s side during tedious police operations and even military combat situations. The jobs and even careers that many dogs have had are way too numerous to list!

So why not give your dog a job! To give your dog a job, spend a small amount of time each day asking your dog to respond to cues that require him to use his mind and body to perform specific tasks. Requiring him to sit, lie down or come when you call will help stimulate his brain and will also serve as reminder of your significance to him.

In addition, provide him with an outlet for burning off energy each and every day. The amount of exercise a dog needs varies from dog to dog. The requirement for exercise is not necessarily dependent upon your dog’s size. There are many small dogs that have incredible energy levels and there are large dogs that tend to be sedentary. Determine how much exercise is appropriate for your dog and make a commitment to provide him with the appropriate amount of exercise every day. Swimming, running, and playing are all wonderful ways to exercise your dog. In addition, a great deal of energy can be expended if your dog has a job to do while he goes on his daily walk. This can be accomplished by training your dog to walk while wearing a “weighted” doggy backpack. Adding weight (no more than 20 per cent of his body weight) to his backpack will help make the most of the time you spend walking with him. Increase the amount of effort your dog must devote by asking him to respond to simple commands such as come and sit. While he walks he will concentrate on working. Since his mind will be on his “job,” he will be less likely to pull on the leash or pay attention to other dogs or people. When the walk has ended, your dog will be mentally and physically tired.

Check local stores or the internet to purchase a doggy backpack for your dog. A good selection can be found at: Amazon – Doggie Back Pack

So, give your dog a job! Doing so will enrich his life by keeping his mind and body active, ultimately giving him a feeling of contentment!

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